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Madalina Sandu

Madalina  Sandu


Cosmapp Global


Telefon: 0755778405

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Companie: Cosmapp Global

Domeniu activitate: Mass Media


Membru București

Despre Madalina Sandu:


Creative and PR Agency with a great TEAM (6 happy people)

• 11 years of experience in communication and PR

• Developing and implementing the marketing strategy and campaigns - online and offline
• Influencers & KOLs campaign 
• Online and offline media 
• PR & Social media activities
• Media relations (writing news / press releases / conducting interviews)
• Developing strategic partnerships
• Working closely with SEO, web development, creative team
• Documenting permanently on the best means of promoting the projects and keeping up-to-date with the most important opportunities 
• Generating ideas for campaigns that involved blogs and social networks, including strategy, concepts and copy
• Day to day management and execution of SM campaigns: community management, creating relevant content, implementing different projects with bloggers and fans, social media apps, social media ads
• Monitoring the refflection of all projects in online and offline media, measuring and reporting status and results on social networks, blogs, news websites; making adjustments wherever needed in order to increase efficiency
• Client service-related activities 
• Working closely with other departments involved in the projects: art directors, programmers, developers, project managers and coordinating all these activities in the projects

Let's communicate for a better world

Despre Cosmapp Global:

Creative and PR Agency 

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